Toolbar overlaps the design

I have nested a ROW, 4 COLUMNs, and a PARAGRAPH in each COLUMN.
When I click the PARAGRAPH the Toolbar of the COLUMN overlaps the PARAGRAPH, so I can not see, what I do.
When I insert a HEADING, the Toolbar closed, but as I click the PARAGAPH, the Toolbar ist shown


This is not a bug.

The Toolbar is part of the program’s user interface, and it will “pop out” of the space above the website workspace any time there isn’t enough room between the dimensions shown on the left, and the page name on the right.

The info in the toolbar changes depending on the component selected, which is why selecting some things (like a column) can cause it to become wider and “pop out” while selecting other things (like a heading) can cause it to become more narrow and “pop back in.”

If you click the “x” in the circle of the toolbar, it will disappear and a button will appear in the space above that says, “show toolbar.”

The only way to keep the toolbar visible in that space above the website workspace at all times is to keep sufficient room between the dimensions on the left, and the name of the currently opened website page on the right, regardless of which component you select.

You can do this by reducing the width of the sidebars that contain the Studio, Online and Overview panels on the left, and the Appearance, Options and Animation, Design and Theme panels on the right. But if you happen to have a very long name for your website page, even with the sidebars reduced to their minimum size, you still may encounter the toolbar “popping out.”

Unfortunately, the toolbar cannot be moved around (which would be a nice feature) so if it’s blocking your workspace and you don’t want to change the width of the left and right panels, your only option is to close it if you want to see the workspace behind it (or get a wider monitor.)

I’m not particularly thrilled with the way this program feature works, but you get used to it. I think that it would be helpful if they made it so the toolbar could be moved around.


I know how to change my Paragraphtext, even if this WRONG Popup is coming.

And IT IS a bug… a little one, but a bug

When I click a Paragraph… I do not need a Popup for the Column.

If selecting (single clicking) the immediate child component in a Column results in no dedicated toolbar options for that component, the program simply defaults to displaying the parent component (Column) options. You’ll find that this is the case with many components besides Paragraphs… Images, Divs, Buttons, Cards, Panels, Navbars… etc.

I don’t think this is a “bug”, I think it’s just the default behavior of the program.

I suppose the developers could change it so that if a selected Component has no dedicated toolbar options, the toolbar becomes blank, but I personally don’t have any problem with it defaulting to the Column options because my monitor is wide enough that the toolbar rarely appears over the website work area.

You can always click the little close button at the right end of the toolbar so it doesn’t block your workspace.