Training videos?

Are there any new videos that show how to use the app that are not multiple years old and do not match the UI any more?

Did you look at their YouTube channel?

Honestly, if you learn HTML and CSS, Bootstrap Studio becomes fairly intuitive software. It’s basically a way to create the HTML of your website visually, without all the typing. It also enables you to quickly apply & modify Bootstrap classes (and CSS in general.)

Technically, you can use BSS to build an entire website without ever writing any code at all, but it’s vastly more powerful when you understand how to work with CSS.


Yes, it seems that knowing css is the key to using this product to generate all that for you.

Having an understanding of CSS sort of makes everything “make sense” (if that makes sense lol!)

You can actually do quite a lot without ever typing a single CSS rule (especially with all the expanded utility classes Bootstrap offers) but understanding what different rules do, and how certain features (like flexbox) work, makes it a lot easier to build more complex and dynamic websites.

I sort of think of it like building an engine. With an instruction manual and the necessary tools, a person could technically put an entire engine together without understanding the first thing about how valves work, or what pistons do, and the engine would run fine.

But when you understand the underlying technology, the function of the different parts, the processes of things like timing, compression, combustion, etc… and how it all works in concert to produce a running machine, enables a person to say, “hey, I could make this engine run better if I increased the size of the exhaust valve, or raised the compression ratio…” and so on.