Trigger animation in different div on hover


I need to trigger the hover:bounce animation when a anchor div is hovered over... Is this possible using Bootstrap studio, I don't want to have to pull in the AOS

I would also like to set a delay :)

Thank you in advance

Actually that would not pull in AOS as the animation "bounce" on hover effect in Bootstrap Studio uses the animate.css library to make it happen. You can always add the animation-delay css yourself. You could also create your own keyframe and name it something other than bounce if you wanted a custom effect without having to link to the animate.css library.

It appears that the only hover effect that works directly on an anchor (or any) link, is Flash.

However, if you place your link inside a Div, and apply he bounce animation to the div, when hovered over it seems to achieve the effect I believe you're after. You'll want to set your Div's display to Inline Block, so it only takes up the width of your link.

The only problem is you won't be able to have your link as part of the text within a paragraph (at least not easily!)