Tutorial Forum

Is it possible for us to get a Tutorials forum (or something similar) where we can post tutorials as we find things that are not in the tutorial manual? Might be something that can be combined with what you have there already to help make a more complete manual for the app.

I find myself finding lots of little tricks and features as I work with the app and would love to write up something on them, but I don't really want it all lost in the shuffle of the Help forum. Might be something we can work together with to put together a more feature full manual. At the very least us users can help each other that way without it getting lost in questions and help requests.

Thank you for the suggestion! One idea is to have a thread in the Help and How To section called "Tips and Tricks" which will be always pinned at the top. How does this sound?

That would be a great idea. Thanks much for considering this and welcome back! Hope all is well!

Agreed on a sticky thread, but think it will need to be moderated so the same things don't keep popping up.

Yeah this is true, many people don't bother to look to see if someone posted something already and there could be a lot of repeats. Moderation is probably a good idea.

Indeed much like the request to allow php ?

Here is the thread: https://bootstrapstudio.io/forums/topic/tips-tricks/

Already posted a video quick tip. We will be producing more of these (and full featured tutorials) soon.

Awesome, thanks so much! I'm sure it will be a great way for us all to share tutorials and instructional helpers. Appreciate it much!