UI issue with info box that appears when hovering over a lengthy link

In the BSS workspace, when you hover over a component, a small tooltip (info box) appears above it with the name of the component and its dimensions. This is very useful.

But, if you hover over a link, it also shows the link text, and if the link happens to be very long, the tooltip will extend beyond the visible workspace. This causes an (unuseable) scrollbar to appear in the program’s UI, which also causes an abrupt shift of all the contents in the workspace to the left.

More concerning is that it prevents you from seeing the dimensions of the component. I’m wondering if there’s a way to make it so that long link text wraps so the tooltip never extends outside the workspace. Or better still, just eliminate the link text altogether, since it really serves no purpose. You can always select the component to see the link text in the Attributes or Link Options panels.

Gif below illustrates the problem.


If you click the link the tooltip disappear

Interesting that you can see the dimensions when hovering over a selected item. On Mac I cannot. The only way to see dimensions in the visual editing area is to select a different item and then hover over the one I want the dimensions for. @martin is this how it is supposed to happen?

Mac Version Mac Mini M1 chip

Yes, but then you don’t get to see the dimensions of the component.

You can see the dimensions in the appearance panel


Do you hover in the html panel

That’s fine if you have the appearance panel selected. Most of the time I have the options panel selected. I find it useful to be able to hover over things and see their dimensions at a glance. Here’s a good example of why… I can hover over the image, get its dimensions, click it and then quickly type the numbers into Width and Height fields.

Ultimately, I just don’t see any benefit to having link text show in the tooltips. If you have a lot of links in close proximity with long URLs, just moving the mouse across them causes the workspace to keep jumping around like you see here…


Thank you for the report! We will fix this issue in our next update. @jo-r the tooltip with dimensions is displayed if you have the Show Box Model option active:


@martin yes I do have that turned on, but it doesn’t work on the item you have selected, not a big deal, if I have a col selected I select something else and can get that col width etc. Just wasn’t sure if it was supposed to show it to you for the item you have selected too.

Giving this a bump


Thanks, this should be fixed in our next update.

Yaaaay That will be a nice little touch! Thanks!