UI scale needs some rounding

My UI scale has a lot of decimals - Needs rounding

enter image description here

Regards, Michael

It works fine on my end

enter image description here

Consider providing more debugging information to enable devs to reproduce your problem.

On Mac here, I get the same thing as Ruprect gets, not that I care if it's fixed as long as it "works" lol. But yeah it's goofy looking with that big long number :P

I've gone from 200% and used the scale down 5% all the way till the end and it wouldn't scale down any further and these are the only ones that are not calculating on full whole percentages, in case it matters:

115% 110% 55%

Hope that helps :)

@Jo thanks for specifying how to reproduce the problem. I was able to reproduce the problem on Windows by following your instructions.

enter image description here