UI / Structure - Sidebars

Hello Team,

I tried to use Structure/SideBars. I am not able to add 1Row-3Columns inside column. Please help

Thank you!!

Hi. Are you trying to add 1 Row 3 Columns to the sidebar? If you want to edit the number of columns in the sidebar, you can simply click on any column on the sidebar, use the buttons displayed after the add column text on top to add more columns.

Hints404 has the easier answer for you, but just so you are aware of what the actual issue you're having is...

Most all of the components are contained within a div of some type (usually named "block") that have the class of "container". If you have a container already set up (in other words your sidebar itself is inside a container, or your entire site is inside a container), you cannot add a container into another container so you won't be able to drag and drop any of the components into their respective spots directly ....


Drag the component to the top of the site where it will allow you to drop it. Locate the component in the Overview pane on the bottom left of the app, basically open the tree until you get to that one, or highlight it at the top of the page on the Preview window so that the Overview pane locates it for you.

From there you will see the "Block" or some type of container that it's in. What you need to do is take all of the contents within that block and drag "that" part to your sidebar. Be sure to check the Block to be sure if there are any settings in the CSS or ID of it so it can be transferred to the Row or Col you are dragging it to. Keep in mind you cannot put a column within a column or a row inside a row so if the top level item within the Block is a Row, then you'll need to have a column in place to put the contents in, if it's a column then put a row in place to drag the contents to.

Hope that makes sense. Sounds harder than it is, only takes a minute or less really once you realize it's just dragging and dropping outside of the original container the component comes in.