UI Suggestion


I've been using BSS a fair bit now and it's been fantastic. Just got a few UI suggestions. These are very minor issues, but suggestions all the same.

  • The gap from the top of the preview window to the top bar that contains the buttons for the devices and zooming in / out etc is quite large. I wish this could be minimised so then I could make the preview window as large as possible without having it scroll while also having the styles and html tabs at the bottom open.

Image showing gap between preview and top bar

  • Additionally, it would be good to be able to have the html tab and the styles tab together in the same window. Now currently I can move the tabs over to be together but this leaves a space that I can't find a way to get rid of?

Image showing window that won't go away

  • A final suggestion is to be able to save a custom window size. So we can choose the window size at the top left to be iPhone X or Desktop HD etc, but it would be helpful to be able to create a custom size and save it for use.

Thanks :)

+1 to all of these suggestions

I'm sure that most would rather see the windows pop out than be rearranged, but I'd settle for both :P Great suggestions!

The space at the top you mentioned is typically occupied by buttons to configure options on the currently selected component. I suppose they could make it to shrink/expand when nothing is selected, but that might get a bit jarring.

I'd like to see the Attributes in its own tab, so I could have HTML, ATTRIBUTES and CSS windows all side-by-side. (I have the room on my widescreen monitor)

With multiple monitors available, any way to gain more height in the main pane would be very welcome.