Unable to add Bootswatch themes

Running the latest version of Bootstrap Studio (v5.5.3)

I’m unable to get a theme from bootswatch.com to load.
Downloaded the bootstrap.css from my chosen theme at bootswatch.com

However when I then add it via manage Theme, there is no way to activate it.

The list of Themes in the settings windows is locked.
How do I get this to work please.

I’m not sure what it is you’re trying to apply it to, but just in case you’re trying to add it to an already created theme, then that won’t work. I don’t believe you can add it to anything other than a blank template so you basically add it to your from scratch projects. Then you just open the project settings, choose it as you have above. Because it’s locked, that’s why I’m assuming you’re trying to add it something other than a blank project.

Hope that helps.