Unable to delete the last when copy/paste in a paragraph or span

When I copy/paste text into a paragraph or span, there is an empty line added at the top and bottom. It would be nice to fix this. Also, if I paste text into a paragraph or span then delete all that text, I still have a <br /> left in the paragraph or span. Even if I do ctrl-a then delete, I am unable to get rid of that <br />. Add to it, there is no way to delete the last <br /> at the end of the text after a paste operation.

Is it possible to fix these issues please?

Thank you.

Here is an example after pasting the word test with no return carriage into a paragraph:

<p>test<br /></p>

I am unable to get rig of the last <br /> even if I press the delete key after the word test. If I delete the word test, the code will become:

<p><br /></p>

and I am unable to delete the <br />

Wanted to add these details. And sorry for my English.

Also, I just noticed that the first <br /> is not at the end of the line, but always on a new line. In fact, the first <br /> should be at the end of the line with text, then the next one on a new line. It should be as in Word when showing paragraph marks.

My guess is you're copying from a source that isn't a raw text source.

Try pasting your text into a plain text editor that doesn't add any extra formatting. Be sure to copy only what you want so you don't copy extra spaces at the end of a line, they can sometimes be translated into extra line breaks. Never copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word, Wordpad, any rich text editor of any kind and many times even from an open website. Copying from email many times does what you are talking about because it adds hidden line breaks into the lines and when you paste the text it puts those line breaks in as well (hidden formatting).

Always paste your text to a plain text editor to strip the hidden formatting.

Try that and see if that fixes your issue as that sounds like a copy issue, not a BSS issue.

BSS always adds a blank line before and after copied text, even if it's copied from within BSS. I've stripped away all formatting from text and it still does this. I've come to accept that it's by design, though I don't really understand why.

No actually it doesn't. It really does depend on where you copied it from a lot.

Now, I "am" on a Mac, so if you're on Windows, it could be a version difference as to why it does that to you and not me, if the above has already been taken into account.

@wakoknight / @jo / @printninja -- CTRL/SHIFT/V may help ... See my bug report ... Tony


Thanks for that tip. Works like a charm....

Yes, Ctrt+shift+v seems to be a recent addition to the program. I've been using it awhile now.