Unable to modify or remove Navbar element background


I've encountered a small problem. When i import a navbar element that has a gradient as default setting, i am unable to remove that setting at all, only to replace it with an image. And theres not even an option to "not select an image". Only workaround is to turn the navbar into html code block, but then i loose customization features. Maybe im doing something wrong, background image always has priority over bg color. So i cant use that either. It would be cool if i could adjust that gradient at least, but the input field for the property is grayed out and un-editable.

enter image description here

Thanks! Andy.

I guess the first step would be the obvious questions.

Bootstrap Studio version? What do you mean my "import" a nav bar? Did you take one from the Online Components? Used a navbar from a 3rd party? Which navbar is it that you are trying to use?

Because you're using one of the premium templates, the Navbar has been customized with CSS rules in the Bootstrap stylesheet, which cannot be edited. In order to change the background of the Navbar on this template, you'll need to copy the CSS class to a custom stylesheet in order to "override" it. If you're not familiar with writing CSS, this may sound like Greek to you.

Basically, you create a new CSS sheet by right-clicking the Styles heading in the Design Tab and choosing "Create CSS" from the drop-down menu. You can call it anything you want (like custom.css) Then, you click on the Navbar and find the CSS rule in the Styles tab that is responsible for the background color of the Navbar (in this case, the class is .gradient)

Click the three little vertical dots to the right of the class and choose Copy to your custom.css style sheet, and then you can open that stylesheet and change the background to whatever you want.

This is how a great deal of customizing is done in BSS. Anything that is part of the Bootstrap boilerplate that cannot be edited through the visual tools must be customized by hand writing new CSS rules in the fashion I've described above. If you're not familiar with writing CSS, you probably should look into some online tutorials. Also, read all the BSS tutorials, because this sort of stuff is covered pretty thoroughly in them.

You could alternately start with a blank page, and add elements from the BSS components list, which tend to be more customizable through the program's interface.