unable to open .design file after adding bstudio-sass path to Design settings

https://bootstrapstudio.io/tutorials/writing-sass I followed the instructions here, got the path response from the npm app, and added it to the Design settings, and restarted.

now when I try and open the file it just gives me "An error occurred while reading this design. It can't be opened." no possibility of recovery, and no way to edit out the setting I just made. no backup. OUCH !

DAYS of work down the drain..

is there any chance you would be able to assist in the recovery of this file and undo that last Design Setting change, and remove that path from the file? I can live without scss, for now, and would REALLY appreciate not having to re-do all the work I did on this design up to this point

I've provided a Dropbox Download of the bsdesign file in the hopes of gaining any assistance

Node version v6.12.0 (currently still on Fedora 25) NPM version 5.7.1 I'm attempting to compile nodejs-8.9.3-2.fc27.src.rpm for my system (which is the latest available to me that will still compile on this version of Fedora) to see if this is at the heart of the issue. will report back.

regrettably I am unable to compile the latest nodeJS on my system from the more recent Fedora RPM's -- short of updating my entire system, I'm stuck.

The .bdesign archive itself seems fine -- I am able to gunzip it to its natural state, and read the file cleanly, but am unable to find the setting that alters the scss path to remove the offending bit that I believe to be causing the error -- perhaps some enterprising person can offer suggestions in that regard?

~/madhouse/airgreen/site/www/devel/test (master)>$ ls .. 
'Airgreen, Inc..bsdesign' test/ 
~/madhouse/airgreen/site/www/devel/test (master)>$ cat ../Airgreen\,\ Inc..bsdesign |gunzip - > airgreen.json 
~/madhouse/airgreen/site/www/devel/test (master)>$ json_verify < airgreen.json 
JSON is valid 
~/madhouse/airgreen/site/www/devel/test (master)>$ python -c 'import sys,yaml,json; yaml.safe_dump(json.load(sys.stdin),sys.stdout, default_flow_style=False)' < airgreen.json > airgreen.yaml 
~/madhouse/airgreen/site/www/devel/test (master)>$ python -c 'import yaml,sys;yaml.safe_load(sys.stdin)' < airgreen.yaml ~/madhouse/airgreen/site/www/devel/test (master)>$

clearly the file itself is valid JSON and appears generally uncorrupted.

The error message itself is hugely uninformative, and the lack of any sort of console or debugging mode for Bootstrap Studio itself leaves me completely in the dark as to the exact nature of the failure of this file to open properly.

Is there any way to get Bootstrap Studio to emit debug messages to the commandline so we can find out what's going on here?

I have similar problem. Can't open the .bsdesign file

If yours is a legit install contact the developer. I'm sure he's interested in ironing out this issue

Thank you for reporting this bug and including your bsdesign! We will release a fix later today.

Thanks for the quick response, Martin. Looking forward to the fix and not having to re-do my efforts.

We launched version 4.1.4 which should fix this. Do write once you try it out.

I can open the file, now. (thanks!) but am now getting "Sass compliation error. Make sure that bstudio-sass tool from npm is installed" it definitely is installed and the path in the Design Settings is correct. also I've put some scss content in the file so it is no longer empty (defined a few variables), and still getting the same error message

The problem was appaently due to the older version of Node on my system. I was able to get around the problem by using NVM (node version manager) which let me selectively override the system's install (Fedora 25) as needed and work with multiple versions of Nodejs if need be (pretty cool) (so I could have the system version, the LTS 8.10.x and the bleeding edge 9.8.x all at the same time)

I just wanted to follow up with this post, so that there's a record of what can be done to resolve this for others who may encounter the same issue

Please update download links for linux versions too. There is still version 4.0.4.

Which download links are you referring to? what url?

Which download links are you referring to? what url?

I'm tried all Linux version from bootstrapstudio.io/download page. There is version 4.0.4

Well, it will auto-update after the download once you have applied your key, don't forget.

It is not auto-updated on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04)

have you pulled the dropdown menu "Check for Updates" and then restarted after it tells you to?

yes, but it is doesn't update at all

then I would suggest two things:

1> start your own bug report forum post rather than tacking on your discussion at the tail end of an unrelated bug report that's already been resolved 2> ALSO use the dropdown menu under HELP> Bug Report in the app, to send a message to the developers directly, and reference your forum post URL in that message