Understanding how to Export the CSS

I need to understand how to export the CSS file and HTML separately. Can someone tell me? I get the index file but that is only the HTML. Can someone help please.


Hiya sheuerman,

When you export your project, BSS exports all items that you have imported into the project. What it does is it creates an "assets" folder and inside there is where the CSS, JS and any other supporting files are setup. There is no way to export them any other way at this time, not sure what they have planned for exporting in the future, but I've heard talk about the possibility of exporting separate files/folders so we'll have to see.

Do be aware that if you change the locations of any of the folders or files in the "assets" folder, you will also need to adjust manually, all the pages that reference them, and you will have to do that every time they are exported. Much simpler to leave them where they are.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the information. However, I don't see an Assets folder. :( I only see the index file on my desktop. I really appreciate your help. I am new to CSS and HTML and still trying to understand. I have another question too about how to make things flow better if you can help with that as well. Just let me know. Thanks!

hmm no assets folder? That's almost impossible as that's how it exports the Bootstrap files that the site needs as well as any custom files you add, images, etc. Try exporting it again, but export it to a folder on your deskop rather than straight to your desktop (not that that will fix anything) and see if reexporting does the same thing.

That fixed it! Thanks so much!!!!

you're quite welcome, not sure what happened the first time, but it's working now so happy webbing! lol