Undesirable behavior on UI toggle switches [fixed in 4.5.4]

Not sure if this is actually a bug, or just an unusual choice on the part of the devs, but I notice that in the Options panel, on all the fields featuring a toggle switch, not only does clicking directly on the toggle change the setting, but so does clicking anywhere in the panel to the left of the toggle, up to and including the name of the item (see linked image.)

Why is this a problem? Well, I accidentally clicked on that area and activated the "stretch" feature on a link without realizing it, and then spent a good amount of time trying to figure out why the link was acting so weird, and why I couldn't select any of the other links to the right of it in my design. Finally, I noticed the stretch toggle had been selected, and I realized that clicking anywhere to the left of it activate/deactivates it. I think from a design perspective, a button/toggle/icon/dropdown/whatever should only work when you click directly on it, not in an arbitrary area around it.

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Hmm I had a similar thing happen to me the other day. Never did figure out what it was that caused the link issues. I will go back in that project tomorrow and see if that’s what happened there too and let you know. That is definitely an issue for me if that’s the case, and I would imagine it’s a bug not a feature.

I'm giving this a bump so hopefully the devs see it.

It's becoming a real problem. Today I just found out I accidentally disabled a number of links on a client's website because I inadvertently clicked the area directly above the spot where you choose the URL (probably after typing a URL and wanting to get the cursor out of the box.)

The UI switches should ONLY work when the switch itself is clicked, not some invisible area around the switch.

@Martin Angelov @Gabriela Pavlova

Thanks for bumping this thread! It looks like a straightforward fix. We'll add it the next update (probably 2-3 weeks from now).

Thanks Martin!!! You're the best!

Giving this thread another bump, since the problem still exists, and there have been two updates to BSS since @Martin Angelov acknowledged this on July 24th.

Sorry to be a pest, but this bug is maddening. It's resulted in my wasting inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out why things were misbehaving, only to discover a button that was enabled (or disabled) when I never actually clicked on it.

Did I miss something? The last update I recall was in June with a couple after effect fixes so I don’t think there were any real content updates since the June one. Am I wrong?

4.52 came out on July 19th. Martin responded to this thread on July 24th. The current version of BSS listed when I check Help > About Bootstrap Studio is listed as 4.53, so it seems there was at least one update done between July 19th and now. Or maybe I am wrong?

In any event, on July 24th Martin wrote...

We’ll add it the next update (probably 2-3 weeks from now).

So we're coming up on almost 8 weeks since he acknowledged the bug, and well over two months since I first reported it.

I see, well according to this thread we should be seeing an update any day now. Hopefully this issue will be fixed with that release. https://bootstrapstudio.io/forums/topic/color-boxes-show-up-in-code-area-in-file-names/

4.53 doesn't really have a release date, because as you prob remember (jog, jog) that 4.52 had a show-stopping problem.

So, 4.53 basically has the same release date as 4.52 in all reality.

But yes, good bump.

This was added in the most recent update, alongside a lot of other features.

Thank you Martin!!!