Undo before setting a value -> reset actual changing via RightClick

editing the css styles is getting great.

Here my idea for making it more better :)

I can "move" the value of e.g. the {width} or {padding} by clicking the the little up/down arrows net to the value. Mouse up= increase Mouse down= decrease.

Great... I will fall in love with it.


For more convenience: When I move the value via mouse, to test some {width} or {padding}, maybe I do something wrong... moving the wrong value, or the old value was better.

Well, here helps the [CRTL] + [Z] for an undo.

But when you move, and while moving you see that's wrong I prefer an RightClick to restore the old value.

With this feature you can simply and quickly try something RightClick, try the next RightClick find the right value. Or pressing [ESC] for restore, or both.

What do you think?

Thank you for the suggestion!

This would be a great addition. I think that pressing Esc to cancel while dragging would be more consistent with people's expectations than right click. We will add this in the next update. Another thing that we will add, is the ability to increment/decrement values with up/down arrow like we do in the CSS editor.


I got this idea form "Blender" and some other designing programs.

There you can use the [ESC] AND the [RIGHT-CLICK] for reset. So I think a lot of people who use this on other programs will use the Rightclick as well.

And its faster than the two-handed [ESC]. But [ESC] of course is always good for canceling thing.

(I hope I can convince you :) )

Happy to report that we added this in version 2.6.1 that was just released. It works with both Esc and right click.

Cool feature... thank you for the quick work :)