Undo Redo Actions Dropdown

It would be nice to have a dropdown for the undo and redos button showing the history of actions where selecting an item from the list takes you back or forward to that particular edit.

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Kinda like Photoshop's history palette.

Yes but not a pallet. A dropdown that shows when the undo or redo buttons are clicked like in MS Expression web.

Thanks for the suggestion! This would indeed be useful. It won't be a simple addition of a dropdown though, our entire undo/redo handling will need to be rewritten so it's more optimal. We would be looking into this for our next releases.

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Thanks Martin. I'll look forward to the next update.

Hi there,

any update on this one?
An Undo history pane would be really handy.

If it’s been implemented, please let me know where to find it.


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My bad!
I was searching through the menus…
Thanks for pointing it out to me.

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