Undo should not effect the Components install/uninstall


Undo should be for correcting mistakes, made my the user. If I delete a thing that I can not remember, 'Undo' is a fine tool.

But, please not for plug-ins, or components!!!!

Some time, I tested some components, I use 'Undo' to get rid of them in my design... and suddenly the hole component is uninstalled...

A Componend can be installed and uninstalled without loosing anything of work. So there is no need for placing that installer into the undo-function.

I would have to agree with Frank here. Although I also do like the ability to undo/redo things added so I don't have to manually remove them when I'm testing them so it's kind of a draw for me.

I would actually like to see a different keyboard shortcut or button for Undo/Redo of plugins and files, separate from textual changes. That would be a great thing!

+1 I agree -- Undo/Redo should affect only actions taken on things on the Stage/Overview.

Although addition of a component to the Components panel happens to be initiated from the Stage, the removal of a component from the Components panel should be taken only by a purposeful action on the Components panel. The same should be true of the Design panel.

And I agree with Jo that the addition and removal of a component to the Components panel should be subject to a separate Undo/Redo capability. I suggest adding little buttons on the "Components" & "Design" bars at the top of those panels. I also suggest that the current Undo/Redo buttons be moved to the left end of the lighter gray bar at the tops of the Stage to reinforce the notion that they only apply to the currently selected tab and aren't "application-wide".

Not sure if moving the buttons for Undo/Redo would help for those like me. I don't use them ever, I use Ctrl+Z t undo and Ctrl+Shift+Z to redo, so button moving is moot for me. I am pretty sure many users are using key combos as well. Anyways, thought I'd point that out.

Up above I suggested moving the current Undo/Redo buttons. However, that would be inappropriate since the top toolbar already contains other actions (e.g., Save, Export, ...) that apply only to the design currently on the Stage. Moving all those "design specific" actions would leave the top toolbar virtually empty (except for New and Open) and would probably necessitate the addition of a third ribbon to the top of the design tab's pane. Sorry ... I didn't think that one through.