Unhelpful error message while importing CSS

I just tried to import a stylesheet but received the error message "Can't import stylesheet / An error occurred while importing". It would be helpful if it told me why it quit -- maybe I could fix the problem. Was the file too large? Or did it contain an error? Or did it conflict with something in BSS? Or...? Or... ?

I'm trying to import the Creative Tim material-kit.css (which is very large). I just want to see if it contains components that fit my needs better than MDB. BTW, importing material-kit.js was no problem.

Thanks, Tony Benedetti

I think I found the choke point at line 15353 of material-kit.css (v2.0.1 -- free) from Creative Tim. BSS is able to import the stylesheet when I comment out the rule:

/*# sourceMappingURL=material-kit.css.map */ { background: none; color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.12); cursor: not-allowed; }

Honestly, I don't understand what the rule's selector is trying to do. Nor do I want to guess if it is a problem in material-kit.css that is ignored by the CSS parsers ... or ... if it a problem in the BSS stylesheet import function.

For now, I'm going to jump out of the loop and turn the problem over to BSS to either fix the import or contact Creative Tim and let them know their CSS is breaking your code. I just hope that commenting out offending rule doesn't foil me again.

Thanks, Tony Benedetti

Thank you for starting this thread! We will improve the error message to be more helpful. Generally, an error while importing is caused by broken CSS. You can check your stylesheets here: https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

Thanks ... The problem won't occur for me any longer ... I've given up on using the offending CSS/JS ... the documentation was woeful and from what I could see the free components were not very "exciting" anyhow.

Make sure you realize that it does not import comments either. If you have comments in your files it strips them out completely. Just so you know :)

We hope to see them adding a comment system for all the supported design languages in the future (hopefully near future).