Unlink specified objects

We all know the feature to link objects together. It would be great to have the ability to unlink/link objects but not to have the whole linked object getting unlinked. An easy example would be to have a navbar you want to link to other pages but you have a paragraph in it which shows on which site you are. It would be great to unlink just the paragraph so this can be customized for each site.

While I can't immediately think of an instance where I might use this, it's an intriguing idea. I like it.

Here's a great example of why you would use this feature:

I am in the process of creating a sidebar of sorts that has the same thing at the top of the column (and right now at the bottom too). Since I created it to be a full column, and the link is on the column and not a component itself, I am now tied into having that full column always being the same ... but ... What If ...

I were able to target specific items within that column and tell the app that it should NOT be linked with the rest as far as specific item. This would have limitations of course such as, if it were an image, then you would still have an image link, but the image itself would be able to be changed differently on each page.

In other words, The structure would remain the same, all linked, but you could choose an item/component/etc. and have it's content changeable if it were unlinked. This could be portrayed by a link image with a line through it in the Overview pane which we would ONLY see if something were unlinked within a linked item.

If you unlink a paragraph, you still have to have a paragraph there (that would remain linked), but the content of that paragraph could be changed.

In my case, the 2 images would be able to be different on each page, but it would still have to have 2 images there, same size, same shape, etc. Just a different picture url.

Not sure if this can even be done, but fun to brainstorm things like this, and in this case especially since I would definitely use this a lot!