Unlinking elements

Past posts mention unlinking elements but I can’t see how it’s done.

I have created a frame which will be used on multiple pages but with different data.
When I add a new heading to the frame, it gets added to all the pages. I need different
headings but the rest of the frame should remain consistent - eg company address, phone number…

There’s probably a better way to do this—any ideas?

To unlink, right click on the linked element in the overview pane and then unlink:


What might be better for you is to create a custom component with a placeholder heading and your consistent details and then drag it into the pages and change the heading

I wish that all the sub elements also had a link icon so that we could elect to have some sub items linked and others unlinked. This way we can select which elements are linked and which ones can be independent.

To achieve this I had to separate all the elements and recreate the structure after the linked copy.

Once I realised that linked elements placed in other linked elements become unlinked, the structure
was quite easy to create.

Thank you for your help.