Unlock Attributes

I know there may be reasons for locking certain attributed, specifically class names, on some elements. But not being able to add/remove/change those classes within Bootstrap Studio makes the whole application feel little better than glorified Dreamweaver.

An easy example is using a prebuilt Navigation Bar, where the items were aligned left using "mr-auto". I want to have them align right using "ml-auto", but I cannot remove the "mr-auto" class, so the best I can do is align them centrally.

Very frustrating.

First thing to do is check to be sure the settings you want aren’t already in the options are. Click each part of the nav to check that. Many nav settings are already included there. What you don’t find you just need to duplicate the class or ID of to a custom CSS file and then alter it to your needs.

The classes that are locked are all either necessary for the component as per Bootstrap's docs or are added from the Options panel. In the Navigation Bar case, when you select the "Nav" component you'll see an "Alignment" option in the Options panel where you can choose between Default/Left/Right/Center. Or you could change it from the "Flexbox" group -> "Margin Auto" option.

Another option is to right click the conponet and convert to html then edit code on the component after youve done your major styling then set ml-auto manually.

You can recreate any component manually by breaking it down to the parts and pieces (elements lol) and make it yourself. You can use all the same classes and ID's in the original, just make it yourself. This gives you the ability to edit it with the Drag and Drop after it's completed which you would not have that ability if you convert it to an HTML custom component. Recreating components isn't all that hard, and if they come with any special CSS or JS you already have all the files you need, just need to recreate the component itself.

I added a Navbar and the first link item has the "active" class locked and I can't find in the options where to remove it either. There should be classes that shouldn't be locked, as the class "active". Is the only workaround removing the affected link and add a new one?

I'm hoping that the other thread that is encompassing the Locked classes and components issue will come to light sometime soon. There was already a discussion on this situation about a month or so ago and we were told that they would be unlocking a lot of the components/classes in an upcoming update. Let's hope that happens soon so we can stop doing all these piddly work arounds. :)

Yep, unlocking is coming in 4.4.5 which should be out very soon (likely this week).


The option to turn off active status of the first menu button is under the “Nav Item” not the link, that’s why you couldn’t find it :wink:
Another option is to delete the whole nav Item and copy the second link to replace it if you can’t be bothered to look for it, but I know it’s annoying if you already set the target and named it lol.

I’m going to assume @mrnagy88, that the person asking that has already found the answer since that post is almost a year old :stuck_out_tongue:

@jo-r Lol… closer to 2 years and 8 version releases ago. April 2019 vs Feb 2021!