Unlock the overview elements and make HTML editable

I just purchase the lifetime version but disappointed by the limits.

Please remove the lock or have an unlock option on the overview elements and make the entire HTML editable so you don't have to drag custom code anymore. I mean one of the purpose of this software is to make the design and coding fast right?, dragging custom code is time consuming, and some elements or tags cannot be set as parents it's a big drawback you know like for example: A page with multiple section that can be distinguishable by their different backgrounds, i really like to have this kind of semantic:

<section class="bg-primary">
    <div class="container">
        <div class="row">
          any number of columns here

I can't do that just by dragging components, but if you make the entire HTML area editable on click like any text editor, and the components can be set or switch either a parent or child then that would completely eliminate the use of custom code which is kinda slow (you know and you have to duplicate it and edit again), it makes you want to open up a text editor so you're using 2 programs now instead of one. It would be super great if you can be both a design software and text editor in one package so you don't have to open Photoshop/Illustrator and Sublime text.

Please if you cab include the emmet plugin for text editors which kinda makes coding fast just by pressing "tab" as the shortcut key, that would be a great help.. Let your subscribers not open any other design softwares and text editors, if you can make it as one package!

Thank you for starting this thread! In the forums, we have discussed at length why the app works as it does, and why unrestricted HTML editing isn't supported. You can read more here. Bootstrap Studio is primarily a visual page editor. It won't replace your IDE. Ideally, you would prototype your design in the app, export, and continue adding backend code in your IDE. Think of it as a supercharged Photoshop.

you know and you have to duplicate it and edit again

No need to duplicate - double click the Custom Code block (or right click and choose "Edit Code" from the menu) and you can edit it at any time.

Hope this helps!

There's also no reason why you can't create the structure as you outlined as all the semantics are in the dragable components. You can create it exactly as you have there in your example.

I use custom code for a lot of things and I personally don't see a problem with it as long as it's not something I have to do for the entire page, which has not ever happened so far.

@Martin: I have used this app to complete full websites including most everything I will ever need in it. I have so far not had to export it permanently and edit by hand for any projects I've created. I maintain them completely with BSS so don't sell your app short of it's possibilities. It is indeed a full website creator and maintainer and about the only place I can see that it would have issues is if people need to have PHP pages or different setups than the typical html pages. It truly is a full featured website builder not just a prototyper in my eyes. :)

It really sucks not to be able to edit the HTML.. After exporting you have to edit it again with another editor which could have been done already with just BSS.. Instead of surpassing dreamweaver, sublime and photoshop you fall behind.. The lock elements is a pain., the custom code is redundant and a waste of time... If the HTML is editable together with the drag and drop then it's complete, you don't have to edit externally except maybe add a screenshot function so you can also export the different screen layouts in jpg format and present it to your clients.. Ever heard of this: http://www.layoutit.com/ ? Basically the same concept visual editing but it's true editable.. In the line of "Visual Editing" you take the editing away, it's lock and lack of features. it's more like Visual drag and drop.. It could have been better.

The lock element is not going to change so you will just have to suck it up and move on

Martin has already explained that if you want to convert the drag and drop code to editable HTML then I suggest using that.

I too have no issues having used this app for over a year so really can't see what he issue is as I can appreciate the apps limitations and just get on with it.

You people are totally not understanding how this app works. There is nothing you can't edit in some way in this app, and almost nothing that has to be edited outside of the app unless you're working with other formats of the page. Everything can be done in it. You can easily edit every part of your page, and for the unlock, so what if it's locked? Quit being so damned lazy and just duplicate it and alter it to your needs. This not only safeguards the default code, but gives you the ability to restore that class if it's not what you need in the end by just deleting your new duplicated one. The lock has nothing to do with whether or not you can edit it, you can, you just need to duplicate and edit the new class in your personal custom CSS file and away you go. That is not a limitation in any way, it's actually the way it "should" be done even if you're working in a basic text editor. Good practices for overwriting default Bootstrap or any other framework is to leave the default files alone and just copy what you need to a separate custom CSS file and alter it. That's been the good way to practice code editing for as long as I can remember. If you're not doing that then you are always having to refer to external files to compare with the originals, that is not time practical. With it done this way it's very easy to see which class is yours and which is the default as the coloring is a little lighter blue for your created classes and duplicated ones.

You can't get any simpler than that!

Yes I DO agree that it would be better to use a full blown HTML editor setup that allows us to alter it all manually as well as the visual. But ... that limitation is pretty minimal.

If you're having to edit a lot of things outside of BSS, then you're not doing things correctly. Plain and simple. (other than the page extensions exception at this time).

Stop blowing this situation all out of proportion and work with it a little bit and you'll see that it's all doable in one way or another. Maybe instead of making "demands" on the developers, make suggestions with good reasons why (preferably after you've worked with the app a bit to see how it "really" works rather than not bothering to learn much about it and making assumptions on how it works like you are doing now). You'll get much further ahead and possibly even get things changed here and there, many of us have had suggestions added by giving good explanations of why it would be useful. Try that approach and you might be surprised. Just give up on the lock thing, I have already and it hasn't stopped me from using the App at all. There's no better app out there in my opinion. :P

I've read the arguments and still vote for a possibility of unlocking elements. Been using bootstrap for a few weeks and the locked elements are a frustration. The drag and drop function has not been working for me anyway, so I would welcome an option to turn that of and have the unlocking element possibility.

Well it's not going to happen so no need to drag this discussion on any further

Kenni, I would suggest you post again in the help forum and ask for assistance on drag and drop if it's not working for you. Ask for assistance for anything that isn't working for you for that matter. Many of us have been using this app for a long time and we may not have "all" the answers, but we do have quite a few so post elsewhere and get assistance for that as it definitely does work and I would never want to see that turned off.