Unset column width

Hi, I don't know how to unset column width for MD in Bootstrap 4. Column width is locked class, and it is possible only to unset col-*, not col-md-*.

Hi theogrost - the cols that are default in the app are locked for a reason - this to allow them to function with the contextual menu options that appear.

But if you need to create something different then you could always drag in a div and apply the col classes yourself using the attributes section in the html editor section

Hi, thanks for reply ;) I know they are locked for a reason, but in BS4 there is no contextual menu (except for <make wider> >make narrower< buttons) for sm, md, lg, xl column width. This is fine as it forces mobile-first approach, but its impossible to unset locked class for sm, md, lg, xl set with wider / narrower buttons. col_width

I think if i want to add column, I shouldn't be forced to do so by adding custom div :D

The make width wider / narrower is the contextual menu that I was referring to ?

Only way to achieve what you need would be to create you own column component and add it to your library so it can be reused but If you feel that this doesn’t work then raise and idea thread for it and see if the devs will add it to their backlog

I will go with the second option ;) Thanks!

Click the arrow on the right of the Width option to get the device sizing col options.


I think the problem is Saj, that once the "column-size" arrows have been used there is no way to get rid of the size class set by using those arrows. So in the above example, setting the "width" to "none" will still leave the class = "col-md-12" in the attributes and I can't see a way to remove it?

Select the column you want to remove the col-md-12 from and then in the Options pane (top right) click the Gear Icon and "Click the arrow on the right of the Width option to get the device sizing col options" this will expose the options for SM thru XL col options so you can then set the MD col option to None to remove the col-md-12 class from that column.


Thanks Saj! That is exactly what I needed :) Didn't notice that in BS4 this menu is collapsed by default (unlike in previous version).

Your welcome, glad I could help :)


Saj, This isn't working for me, are we talking about the same thing? See attached image.


Click on the arrow next to the word width in the Options pane.




Crikey, they went out of their way to hide that didn't they!!??

Thanks Saj!

Your welcome, glad I could help.