Up-Voting system for ideas

Just a thought, but I wonder if the forum could benefit from having an ‘up voting’ plug-in added to the ideas section for users to up-vote ideas raised. Could help devs see what members of the community think of them and if the idea is worth implementing and could help them prioritise changes if members collectively think are worth while, or does clicking the heart (liking) the OP on any idea be satisfactory :thinking:

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Maybe not what you had in mind but members can submit a thread which includes a poll. Other members can then vote within the thread based upon the poll criteria.

Yeah that could work I suppose but that requires users to make sure they select a poll first. Thanks for the input though as I wasn’t aware of being able to add polls :+1:

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Very good and helpful idea.

I like the idea too, would be great to be able to vote on ideas. There are a lot of great ideas that have come across these forums that are probably lost in the shuffle by now. Would be nice to safe a few from that fate lol.

There are various features within Discourse for voting and polls, for example the following.

@hackers_84 Thread voting seems more applicable to voting on ideas without creating polls.

Some app developers though use polls as a way to gauge user interest in features. The developers will make a poll on their user forum for a number of features somewhere in the development cycle. They then use the results to help gauge user interest to better know which features are more important to focus on.

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:point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up: Yeah this is what I was thinking. Hopefully the devs comment and see this

That’s an interesting suggestion. I have reservations that this might result in fan favorite ideas like PHP support getting voted to the top, which we don’t intend to ever add in Bootstrap Studio.

But maybe we can make use of Poll posts when considering what to prioritize.

Good point, but we know that you have no intention to support PHP :wink:

But a poll could also be used to ask about PHP.

It would be easy enough for one of us to flag a post that asks for PHP integration etc. for you to remove and send message to them as needed. They don’t happen all that often.

There might also be a popup message ability or plugin that you could explain that PHP will not be added and not to post requests for it, check the box to show you understand that. Could make it do it for every OP to be sure they get it.