Update 5.9.2/3 broke the browser preview ... I think?

Just a heads up that the refreshing of the browser preview is not working right in Mac version. It loads the page, but to see any changes I have to close the page and reopen it. This was in a BS 3 project.

I’m currently redoing that project to bring it up to current version so I loaded that version up to see if it was broke in BS5 and it wasn’t. But … when I changed back to the BS3 project (I had them both open at the same time) it was then fixed?? Not sure what that’s about, but I’ll post more later if this persists at all or in case it was one of those … you should have restarted the app again … things lol.

Ok I’ve just narrowed this down to an issue with an embed of ZoHo Calendar sidebar. I’m not sure what’s causing it, it worked fine prior to the updates (well fine as their new update lets it lol), but now anything below that custom code block will not show up. I have 4 Panel’s in the sidebar, 1 of them is the mini calendar Day list. I had that as the 3rd option and the 4th one didn’t show up so I turned off the calendar panel and then the last one showed up.

I moved the calendar panel to the 2nd slot and nothing below it showed up again so … it’s not the refresh that’s messed up, it did something to the code of this embed or the Custom Code block that’s messing up the refresh too I think.

I can send you the files for it if it helps, let me know if you want them. Like I said it’s only in BS3 that I have this issue. I’ve tested in both BS4 and BS5 versions and the issue isn’t there.

Hey, Jo. Are the elements not rendering in the app or in the preview? I’m guessing that there’s some broken HTML. If you send us the design, it’ll help us narrow down what might be causing it. Thanks in advance!

Sorry, I didn’t say in the email the answer to your question lol. I get ahead of myself a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

These are rendering in the app correctly, but in the preview that panel shows, but nothing below it does. I do have the panel commented to say which one is the calendar which is currently hidden.

Let me know if you have any other questions on the project that I sent. Thanks for looking into this!

Thank you for sending the design! The issue is caused by the Zoho Embed Code. You’ve added it in a self-closing iframe, but iframes are not self closing and require a </iframe> tag. Without a closing tag, the browser treats everything after the iframe as its content and is not displayed. You can learn more here.

Thanks so much Martin. I just went to their site to get the code again and it’s the same so … I emailed them to let them know they forgot the closing tag and we’ll see what happens. They just upgraded their calendar system so I’m sure it was just an oversight. Thanks again!

P.S. I do have a question on it though. Why does it work in BS4 and 5 and not 3? Just curious as maybe it’s not an oversite on their part and is intentional?