Update Boostrap Studio

Hi, my Bootstrap Studio not update. I am click in Check for Update and show message Downloading... but, download isn´t run.

Whats happen?

It downloads and installs the update in the background, just wait a few minutes and you should see a confirmation that the program has been updated.

I still can not upgrade from Bootstrap Studio version 4.2.2 to the current one. Before it appeared a message: checking for updates and Downloading ... After 5 seconds the message disappeared and nothing happened. Now, no message appears and does not update in backgroud as stated. How can I solve this problem?

enter image description here

4.2.2 is an old version that should already have automatically updated to 4.3.0 more than a month ago. There are tons of new features, templates and bug fixes,

I suggest you reinstall Boostrap Studio. The download link for the app is included in your license email, right after your key.