Update download not completing


I tried to update the software. It started a download but then just got stuck. On retrying, the progress bar stops at about 20% then nothing happens.


Sometimes there are occasional issues with downloading updates. Have you tried manually downloading and installing?

That’s sorted it - Thank you :+1:

Same issue here:

  • Download corrupted
  • Pulled download from @printninja link
  • Windows 11 shortcut destroyed, and all previous projects removed from “recent designs” menu

Can not find executable to re-create app shortcut.
Any suggestions where it resides appreciated.
I’m sorry but I have to relate that I’m not happy with this update.
I have to hit the bootstrapstudio-setup.exe to start the app ?!

executable located at: /AppData/Local/Local/bstudio/
link re-created

Linux upgrade successful… no problems
Thanks for the support.