Update Tutorial : Exporting to GitHub Pages

These are issues about outdated information on the tutorial page Exporting your Bootstrap Studio Design to GitHub Pages. If there was somewhere else I should have posted this, please let me know.

  1. GitHub has changed their default branch from master to main. Both export scripts for Mac/Linux and Windows need to be updated to reflect this. Now, you can also use any branch (neither master nor main) to host your website, so it may be worth noting that the user should go check their repository settings to see which branch they’ve selected are ensure they are pushing to the right one.

  2. There are actually 3 types of GitHub Pages sites. (Project, User, and Organization). The tutorial assumes you are uploading a user site (and can actually be easily amended to address them all). It mentions that a user site appears at https://<username>.github.io and should also mention that project sites are found at https://<username>.github.io/<repository_name>/.

Thank you for the report!

We updated the tutorial with the new default branch name. We decided against including instructions for the other types of github pages sites, but users that need them will likely figure out how to set them up by using our example as a base.