Update user lib components

As far as I can see in this forum when a “user-build” component must be updated or changed then you cannot save it with the same name so it will be a different component. You can delete the old one when you like, make a new one and rename the new as the old.

When this procedure is followed all code that was based on the first component will not be changed by this action? I have seen older threats of this with this information but is this still the case?

For me this means that when I make a lot of content from a component that in future there is not an easy way to change them this way…

If I understand you correctly, then the answer to your questions is “correct.” Once a library component is installed in a website, changing that component elsewhere and then re-saving it (even with the same name) is not going to update it automatically in other websites that use that component. Bootstrap studio doesn’t “re-import” user library components each time a website file is opened.

Thanks for your confirmation on this.