Upgrade failed. Black Blank Screen

Cannot load my design file. Design file loaded fine just before upgrade. Followed the instructions.

Sorry that you've run into problems! Can you try reinstalling/resetting the app? You can learn how this is done here: https://bootstrapstudio.io/tutorials/reinstalling-resetting

Martin, as you know, I have done everything possible to get the new version running over the entire morning. I do not believe the problem is Norton, because the old Version 2 installs without a glitch and runs properly, and because we have "Allowed" Bootstrap Studio.exe under the Firewall > Programs. In the end I just had to go back to Version2, which works fine for me right now.

I believe the problem may be associated with not recognizing a "Lifetime" user.<br /> Also there should be better messaging from your servers and the application about what the problem is and what stage the install is at!!! This would really help everyone with diagnosis of the issues.

I look forward to trying Version 4 sometime soon. Please let me know when you think it will work properly. Thanks.

Some useful links: https://bootstrapstudio.io/tutorials/reinstalling-resetting I have found the windows C:\Users..user..\AppData\Roaming and renamed to bstudio_backup.

You can obtain your key and download link from here: https://bootstrapstudio.io/pages/license-key-restore

If you have Norton Security, confirm that Norton settings under Firewall > Programs confirm that Bootstrap Studio.exe is listed with "Allow"

If Version 4 does not install properly and will not show your profile, I suggest you remove the program, after making a User bstudio_backup as indicated above, remove c:/Program Files/Bootstrap Studio folder, clean up your registry and reboot and install Bootstrap 2 again. Then copy your user bstudio_backup files back to bstudio, as I had to do.