upload component bootstrap version/compatability

Dear bootstrapstudio forums,

i would love to see the functionality added, to explain it would add a new part to the share online functionality namingly: selection if the component is compatible with bs3 bs4 or even both, this would resolve that alot of components will get uploaded twice because of wanting to show that the component is also bs4 compatible, plus it would be handy if the online components would be filtered on showing the components that are compatible with the currently selected bootstrap version.


Although users who generate online components to share can specify this in the description to help other users out too

+1, definitely would love to see the ability to filter out the components of version 3 and 4 so that you can see only one or the other and not have to scroll and mouse over every single component to see what it is for. Or even just a separate list for each of them that shows both that you can collapse the list of the one you don't want to look at.

Been asked for before though, hopefully the devs are seeing that others are looking for this too.