Uploading an ads.txt file to my root directory for Google AdSense

Google AdSense requires that I upload an ads.txt file to the root directory of my website and my website is hosted on a bss.design subdomain.

AdSense does not allow you to upload the ads.txt file to a subdomain (without a few caveats that still require root access), so I plan to purchase a domain and have it point to my Bootstrap Studio subdomain. However, I still don't know how/if it's possible to access the root directory to upload my ads.txt file. Will I need to change hosts to something that does have root access?


The root directory of your website and root are two different things. I don't use G-adsense, but I have not read the BSS TOS for hosting on their site.

Unless the TOS specifically forbids it, I don't see where there would be a problem.

Oddly enough, this question was asked over a year ago and there was no answer.


It seems that whether an EU visitor agrees to G-adsense or not, you may still have to serve up the website (without any ads if they don't agree).

Webmasters in the U.S. (for now) simply say agree, or do not proceed -- by doing so you agree. This is definitely rude and not in line with the principles and intentions of the GDPR.

3.5.2 Their (your) website adheres to the laws and regulations of the EU.

You will have to submit to clause 3.5.2 to use G-adsense on any 'free' Bootstrap Studio hosted website. What this entails specifically, I have no direct jurisprudence.

Maybe someone from Bootstrap Studio / Zine EOOD will answer you directly as to what is specifically required. It may simply require a GDPR notice; but, as legal matters go, it's probably not that easy.

We voluntary helpers of the forum are not direct support and cannot enter into any agreement on the company's behalf. Nor are we lawyers, so it really makes it difficult, if not impossible, to answer your question directly.

Guys, this is not a Bootstrap Studio issue or question, this is a web designer issue. These things have nothing to do with the Bootstrap Studio app. You need to check with other sources (Google, those in charge of the GDPR, etc.).

And I doubt very much you can get to the "root" directory of the server if you're hosting with BSS, most likely just the root directory of you website. If you need further info on that part you'll need to contact BSS directly.


Do you use the free hosting BSS includes with your account, i.e., 5 slots? Do you have adsense on any of these slots? Are you using Cloudflare? Is your website iaw 3.5.2 per the free slot hosting agreement?

So, no, the purchase of additional hosting is not necessary as the textfile along with publisher account information is simply to prove ownership of the domain.

Going through cloudflare to register a private domain on BSS is very doable and explained. The 5 slots are free without the need to purchase additional hosting.

Going through cloudflare will get you free SSL certs for your domains... one domain per slot.

No matter where you go, GDPR compliance with anyone visiting your site from the EU is a requirement.

Since using GA has to cookie the visitors computer in order to get paid for future purchases via the GA affiliate program, the GDPR has to be followed.

Within the requirements of free hosting with BSS via is this requirement: 3.5.2 Their (your) website adheres to the laws and regulations of the EU.

So, the OP can most certainly use one of the slots as long as all requirements are met.

I do not know what it takes to meet all of these requirements. However, for sure @martin does.

I'm sure this required GA textfile at "root" can be handled by cloudflare as it stands to reason. How else could you possibly get an SSL Cert for a domain that's not yours? You can't.

To the best of my knowledge, the OP can use one of his 5 five allotted slots with GA without purchasing any additional hosting.

There is ridiculously cheap (and even free) hosting out there. Why bang your head against the wall? Just get some real server space. Amazon Cloud is like .50 cents a month if you stay within their free tier.

I'm pretty sure there was more in that OP post than there is now which I was directing my answer at. Now it's nothing but Adsense and BSS hosting. I did say if you need more help on the hosting part with BSS servers to contact them.

Thank you all for the responses, I have learned a lot.

I intend to comply with the GDPR aspect of hosting ads on my website through a simple prompt and cookies.

My main issue however is that I need to upload my ads.txt file to my website's root directory (Where the .html files and /assets folder are located). I was hoping that there would be an easier way to get to my website's root on my own through Bootstrap Studio, just like one could over FTP or cPanel on other hosts.

I could just switch hosts to something free, but this feels like a relatively trivial issue that could be easily resolved.

And I doubt very much you can get to the “root” directory of the server if you’re hosting with BSS, most likely just the root directory of you website. If you need further info on that part you’ll need to contact BSS directly.

It would seem that my only option is to contact the Bootstrap Studio team for this. If there is a way to upload to my website's root directory without having to go through contacting the Bootstrap Studio team, someone please clarify where I can do this.

BSS has said that you can get SSL for your site through cloudflare. When you get SSL you are proving ownership of the domain, which is what Google cares about. Google pays the current owner of the domain and verifies that via this 'text' file.

Somebody from either cloudflare or BSS / Zine EOOD will have to help you directly if you don't have access. I appears that nobody here on the forums has done this and there is an open question from a year ago.

You should contact BSS directly through email to get this resolved. This is the proper channel to go through.

Or, simply find hosting with SSL and the access you need elsewhere.

Not sure what happened to it, but there used to be a forum here specifically for the BSS Site hosting, but it disappeared a good bunch of months back so my guess is they must have decided it either didn't get used enough, or they can help better through their ticket system. Good luck with it and hopefully they will help you get it worked out.

Feel free to try this work around, but keep in mind that it involves transferring your domain to Cloudflare and fixes probably only one problem. After successfully transferring your domain name to Cloudflare.

  1. Copy the AdSense Text file and save it as ads.html
  2. Add the html file to your bootstrap website and publish.
  3. Go to your Cloudlflare Dashboard and head to the Page rules.
  4. Create a Page rule so that you end up with this format www.example.com/ads.txt redirection to www.example.com/ads.html

Now the remaining part would be to place the AdSense code on every page you want ads to appear. I am waiting for their Checks and see what happens.


None of the above worked It kept being rejected, looking forward to hear what is working for other Folks.