URL page selection to include subfolder

|--- index.html
|--- app1
     |--- index.html
     |--- page1.html
     |--- page2.html

In app1/index.html, URL page selection for

  1. app1/page1.html is shown as page1.html instead of app1/page1.html
  2. app1/page2.html is shown as page2.html instead of app1/page2.html

We can manually include the subfolder (app1) to the URL.

But it will be great if the page selection list include subfolder by default.

I realized using Preview mode, the URL doesn’t include subfolder.

But when you export HTML, the subfolder is included.

This means the page selector is working as expected, but preview mode has bug.

Are you using the latest version of BSS? On mine it shows the subfolder:

and also on the preview:image

The only time it won’t show your full url is if you launch the preview while in the subpage (or any page) it will just show the ip address

I’m using version 6.7.2;

  • Using Preview, if I select app1/index.html, browser url shows IP:8000. So far so good.
  • In that index.html, it has links to page1.html, page2.html.
  • When hover over the links, they show IP:8000/page1.html & IP:8000/page2.html instead of full path IP:8000/app1/pageN.html.

But the export includes subfolder path. So it’s all good for me.

You can close this. Thanks!

What you’re experiencing is normal.

When you preview a page, that page will be the “index” even if the name is not index.html.

If you’re within a sub-folder and previewing a page, it will then become the “index” of the localhost and any pages within that sub-folder show as they’re within the same folder.

Similiarly if you edit a link and the pages will show as “page.html” because it’s in the same directory, “..\page.html” since it’s a directory down, or “app1\page.html” because it’s a different directory of the directory you’re in.

You can also make sure everything is working as normal by publishing the project to a free bss.design subdomain :smiley:

Exporting will place the files within the correct folders and when uploading to your host provider, you will see them working as normal there too.