"Use a CDN for jquery, bootstrap and icon fonts" [fixed in 2.5.2]

This function is not working at all.. My website work just fine without the cdn, but I'd rather choose cdn.

Picture of my website loaded with CDN css's:

enter image description here

You can not view the site from a file:// directory path, because it doesn't have access to internet content. So anything that is local to your computer's harddrive it can access. It's primarily a security issue that your browser or Operating System is doing to prevent possible bad things from happening to your computer.

You need to export your project to a webserver for it to work properly.


Solved, Thanks. Post can be deleted by an admin.

Hey guys, I think I may be coming across the same issue. Is there an easy way to send a preview or published version to my client not on my local network without exporting my project to a webserver? I guess I thought that BSS would host all the necessary CSS to send a published version to someone else.

Screenshots attached: (client data has been blurred)

Header in Live Preview: http://imgur.com/PPtA8Yi

Header in Published: http://imgur.com/VAbQUwb

Pagination & Dropdown in Live Preview: http://imgur.com/KBvGVyC

Pagination & Dropdown in Published: http://imgur.com/I3Psw4O

Update: Martin reached out to me and confirmed the new update fixes this issue, and I can confirm the Published version works perfectly!