use MDB as default Bootstrap

Is there any way to use Bootstrap Material Design when creating new project like you choose between bootstrap 3.4 or bootstrap 4.2

We are looking for some kind out of the box solution to prototype using MDB and BSS without going to import each component one by one


There is no way to do this in the app. So I guess this bread should be raised as a new feature request

I tried it by adding the corresponding css and js files. As one does not have the drag and drop functionality and needs to work with MDB classes, I can safely say that it is not worth the effort as of now.


Yeah would be great as an Option.


Ye i really dream about this in Bootstrap Studio, it would be big thing as default option for us. I found it being really annoying to importing and trying to make it work propely. I ish to be able to use mdb as default option in bss

As Chris already said, this really needs to be added to the Ideas forum rather than here, due to it not already being a feature of the app. I might suggest putting a basic post there with info on what you're asking for, and reference this thread as well so those that have posted here already will be heard. :)

I’d also point out that mdb is not the official bootstrap styling of which this program is based on, so highly doubt this is going to get traction with the devs.

That said any user could easily create their own default components by adding all the mdb css and js and create your own library of components using drag and drop and adding the class names yourselves

I wouldn't expect this to happen, since MDB Pro is a paid framework ($100). The free version is missing way too much stuff to make it appealing.