Use the Same Navbar & Footer across all pages

Hi all,

I added a navbar and footer component to the local user library. when i update it, the updates arent pushed to the components in my design on different pages. Its very tedious to have to delete and re-add the newly updated navbar everytime a change is made. How can I do this better using BSS or css? I am fully away I can create a user component that can be shared across pages. But I need to be able to make a change to the user component and the changes push to the components. I understand I can delete and remake the updated component with the same name as a workaround, but this hasnt worked for me

Please do go through the tutorials and find how to use the Linked Components feature. That is what you’ll want to use for this, you won’t be able to have linked items in the library I don’t “think”. Never tried that, but to do that you would still need to have it set up as a Linked Component. Find that in the tutorials and that should set you up.

Might want to go through all the tutorials to get the basics of the app. Some are old, but still useful and help you find how they work today.

Good luck and have fun! It’s an adventure after all :slight_smile:

It sure is an adventure! haha :slight_smile:

I have the basics of the app down, ive been using BSS for a decent amount of time.

So is linked components basically copying and pasting the same component to different pages in the app? This method will then push the changes from the parent component (in the event the component is edited) to its shared components? Thank you!

Yep pretty much. The beauty of the setup is that there is no “Master” component. Once you copy it from one to the other using the Paste Linked option, you can then use any of them that share the same link to copy and paste from. Keeps it very simple indeed. :slight_smile:

Is there’s no Master component ? There can be if you save the component to the User Library but there has to be an initial page to Copy and then Paste as Linked and if you change the Linked component on a page that does update the other pages using linked component but that doesn’t update the User Library version.

If it did that would be brilliant but it’s not an issue, it would just be a nice feature.


Not really no, once you make a linked item (basically you’re linking one item to another directly), they become equal, when you add more pages and link more items to them, they are all equally usable, there is no parent. This is why your other post about user components would probably not work. I believe it’s on a per project thing. I could be wrong here so if I am, someone please step in and set me straight :slight_smile: