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When I create a user component, and for instance I apply to numerous pages in my website, and later i realize I have to make edits in my user component I created myself, I realize that, there is no option to make an edit in a user component I created myself, so that it can easily edit all the pages I use that component in .

If you create your own component, you can then copy it and paste it to another page as “linked”, this means it will always be the same on all pages.

Is this what your looking for?

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Yes, I have created a component and copied in so many pages, now I realize that I have to make some little changes to the component itself to reflect on all pages, is that possible?

As long as their all linked from the main component, any changes to one will update all the others

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No it doesnt, when i select a page and edit the component on that page, it doesnt reflect on other pages, infact the component name actually changes on that page, there doesnt seem a way to edit created components in the components section

That sounds more like the components are not linked.

Can you select your component on the canvas, and then take a screenshot of the bottom left toolbar that shows your page elements. Check if their is a :link: icon next to its name.

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there isnt any link icon next to the component when viewed in the overview panel

Ah, there’s your issue. The link icon shows if a component is linked correctly. You may have pasted that component and not chosen “paste as linked”.

Sadly, you’ll have to go back and remove any of these unlinked components and then paste them back.

I personally will create a special page in my designs where things that won’t change across pages, like the Nav Bar and Footer will be and I then copy and paste them as linked components across pages.

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Thanks for the support, but please help me out, when i create a component and add it to my user group, I drag it from the user group to the overview panel into the section of the page that I want it to appear, what is the correct way to ‘paste as linked’ as you are suggesting. What are the steps to follow?

Oh right, yes. Sorry for the confusion. I forgot that you are using is the saved user components.

I have now done some testing and once you create one of these components and save them, they are saved in an “as is” format and cannot be changed or updated sadly.

What I am referring to what you should do is recreate the component on a page, then copy and paste it as linked so you only need to update one, as shown here.

However, there is sadly no way to update your saved components so the changes are synced across pages as once they are dragged from the saved components onto the page they are inserted as stand alone code.

Editing components could be a valuable addition to BSS, so you may wish to request this feature.

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thanks very much, I have figured it out. I am so grateful. but logically, i was thinking, if i save a component, it should work in like manner like linked components so far as i am using it on multiple pages. Guess I have to be thorough with their documentation. thanks once again

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Not a problem, glad you got it solved!

If my support helped, I appreciate if you could leave my comments a :heart: as it really helps :slight_smile:

Code something awsome!

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