User created files duplicating

Hi Martin

Couldn't see if this was already raised but I have noticed that when creating new user generated components the CSS and js files are being duplicated in the design panel.

Are you aware of this and working on a fix?

I'm using a MacBook with latest version of OS X El Capitan

Thank you for reporting this!

When you insert a component, the JS and CSS files it contains are renamed to match the component's name. This way you can see which component was responsible for the files that were created when you inserted it. If this isn't a good solution, we can keep the original file names.

Adding CSS to a User Component

It is supposed to work this way - when you create a custom component and open the "Add to Library" dialog, you can either choose individual CSS rules from the CSS group, or add an entire stylesheets by selecting the file names. If you do both, then two files will be created. Stylesheets are renamed to match the name of the component when you insert them.

Maybe we can make it more intuitive. Here is an idea:

  1. We will remove the "Stylesheets" group from the dialog, leaving only the list of used CSS rules.
  2. We will show a "Insert From Stylesheet" button beneath the list of CSS rules.
  3. Clicking the button will show a list of your css files. Selecting one (or more) will place their rules in the CSS rules group.

This way there will be only one place to control the CSS that goes in your component.

Do you think this would make things more intuitive?

Thanks Martin, it's probably my misunderstanding of how the app controls this and your reply has been understood and has helped clarify this for me