User generated Components

I’ve just had to Format my hard drive after growing memory issues with Windows 10, long story but short version no way to restore despite various approaches. A fresh clean install and all is resolved and the PC is heavily de-cluttered and much faster.

The issue here is BSS doesn’t save the User components in Backups so I lost all I’d written, however I have them in pages saved in Backups so can save the Components again, also lost Custom CSS and the associated Java Scripts.

However this brings up something I think important. Could the User components be specific to a Project rather than Global, there’s no issue exporting/Importing between Projects.


This may come in handy so you don’t lose library components in the future.

@jo-r I have found where BSS saves these files on a Windows machine it’s under Users/name/AppData/Roaming/bstudio/userPackages or dowloadedPackages, I had backed up AppData before formatting the hard drive.

As I’d lost my Dowloaded components (no big deal there was no downloadedPackages file, so I’ve just copied and pasted from the backup external hard drive and everything is restored onre-opening BSS. Useful to know, so I 've just done the same with userPackages and all back completely as before :smiley:

I use a WD MyBook hard drive linked to my router so can access it locally or via the Internet when away from home, so in future will export to it.


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Glad to hear it @iang. I use the same external drive myself and backup often having had that “forgot to backup” issue in the past myself lol.

I’m like a backup addict. I backup my desktop daily to a second internal drive (which includes the BSS backup folder.) I ghost my C: drive weekly to a separate internal drive. I back up all my websites and client files to cloud storage, an external USB drive, and a completely separate computer on my network that is turned off at all times except for when I’m doing backups (so no chance of ransomware getting at it.)

You can never have too many backups of your data.

I think what this highlights is exactly where BSS data is stored, particularly with Windows 10. It’s not unique to BSS though and backing up AppData could easily be overlooked.