User generated themes

Hi Devs,

I can't recall if this has come up before but would be great if you users could generate and upload their own themes in the theme settings panel.

Is this on your backlog already?

Thanks for bringing this up!

There were plans to have a built-in Bootstrap customization UI at one point, but we decided that there are plenty of good online tools that do this already, and our time is better spent elsewhere.

Custom bootstrap themes can already be imported from Settings > Main > Manage Themes. This is restricted to stylesheets for now, but once Bootstrap 4 and SASS support is added, we will make it possible to import SASS files and config.json files.

This can be very helpful in auto-generating Bootstrap CSS based on an image: Generate your own Bootstrap color scheme from an image and customize to your taste

That link is great ? Thanks for sharing

This one uses Javascript - Instead of Rails - to achieve the same effect of extracting the prominent colors from an image