Uses deprecated APIs

Hell, does any one knows how to deal with the report and what to d?, please see screen shoot and Thank You.

Lighthouse explains what the errors mean. Just follow the links. In this case, this warning is related to some feature on your page that was deprecated in Chrome 108 (back in 2022)

This is the first link…

Some of the stuff in Lighthouse can be ignored. A website can still look and work fine without scoring 100’s across the board (very few websites do.)

You’ve still got images that are missing width and height declaration, and yet you score 100 on performance.

Don’t get overly hung up on Lighthouse. It’s only one measurement tool.

Hello, and Thank you. You have help me immensely with the screen shots. The lighthouse report here in Portugal, where I am at the moment is totally different. Now I don’t have to do nothing else to my website to perform any better.

Lighthouse is not the holy grail in website testing. It’s just one tool, and it’s not even a consistent tool. I have found that it often gives different errors and reports different numbers if you just run it more than once.

It’s definitely helpful at tracking down issues, but as I said before, you don’t need to score perfect 100’s in Lighthouse to have a totally usable website that ranks well. I’ve seen websites that score under 30 on performance still rank number one on Google.

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