Using an external code editor?

Is it possible to add an external code editor as part of the workflow? I'm more comfortable (ironically enough) using the visual studio code for example to edit HTML and SCSS, but I appreciate the drag and drop visual WYSIWYG bootstrap studio editor for quick concept. The ability to combine the two would be ideal for me. I've looked at other applications, Pinegrow had an extension for Atom editor for example, but the interface didn't click for me the same way as BStudio.

no, you cannot edit the html outside of BSS unless you don't plan to edit it further within BSS in a practical way. If you do any changes outside of BSS you "Can" import the HTML back into BSS, but .... it will be 100% custom code blocks so you would lose all drag and drop capabilities as well as any of the Editing tab capabilities (Look & Feel, Options, Attributes, classes, ID's, etc.) You would have to do all editing then within the HTML window of the app which pretty much defeats the purpose of the app. You "Can" however, do editing of the CSS and JS outside of the app and reimport them. Just be aware that Commenting does not work in BSS so it will strip any comments you add to your files when imported.

Ah pants, that's a shame. I think it would be great if something like this could be added in the future as then I could slip it into any workflow. I guess can just use it for concept/mocking up.

Yeah we've been asking for that to happen for a couple years, doesn't sound like it's in the plans at all though.