Using BootStrap Studio on two PCs

Is it possible to use BootStrap Studio on 2 PCs (work & home) editing the same project file? Not necessarily at the same time, just if I was working on the work pc during work, then on my home pc later?

The license allows use on two machines, the files are only stored locally, if you want to edit the same file, you need to use a mobile drive, or send it via email.

Rather than emailing or using a removable drive use something like Google docs/Dropbox etc. That way it will sync automatically.

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You will have to think about how to work with your saved components also. Components are stored in a file on each computer system. So if you go home and created a component, it does not travel with the project file back to work unless you export your component(s) for the project file. Would like to hear any suggestions how this is done by others too since I recently started projects on another computer for PHP 8 testing on a XAMPP environment. From my main system I exported all the components and then imported to my new system. But as I create components on the second computer, I wonder if I might need them on the other main computer system.

I cannot think of any simple solution for synchronizing installs on different machines. The software clearly wasn’t designed with a “team” approach in mind. You could share your components online, which would a least make it easy to get them from one system to the other, but you’re still stuck with the issue of how to keep components modified on one machine synched with the same components on the other machine.

If you use a user component in a design file, all the code is in that design file. If you open the design on your other computer and you want to add the component to your library, you can add to the library. If the user component has a javascript file, first rename the file by removing the component name,
e.g. my-component-main.js rename it to main.js otherwise the js file
will be named my-component-main-my-component-main.js.

You only need to add the user component to your library if you plan to use the component in other designs on that computer

Where are the components stored on MacOS?


In the config folder
~/Library/Application Support/bstudio
user components in a file named userPackages
downloaded components in a file named downloadedPackages

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Thanks, I did briefly look there, must have been too brief :joy:

@idcockram Hi, I am perhaps very late with reply but you can do private sync and it will work on mac, windows and linux as well. You can setup bidirectional sync of the folder on each machine with custom locations too as mac and linux have similar folder structure but windows does not have. I do not use google drive or dropbox but rather free open source very stable and secure way which works even behind NAT fw. You will need to install bootstrap studio on work machine and home machine which I think its supported up to 3 machines. And then just sync your working folder between the machines.

You do your edits in work, then just come home and continue to work from where you saved the changes as in work. Same opposite way. All is automated and sync is done within seconds after file is changed. It even supports file versioning or single way sync…etc. macOS ↔ macOS sync shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Have look at Syncthing - its open source, stable and secure. I am using it for more then 4 years on my macs (in work) and linux (at home) devices without issues. If you will need help to set this up I can navigate you via zoom or teams or google meet call or have look at youtube how to set it up. Let me know.

Edit: I am not associated with syncthing in any way.