Using Bootstrap Studio to design multilingual webpage, update via browser

Hi I plan to use Bootstrap Studio to design a website for our NGO. I never did something like that before but with the tutorials I think I am able to do so. Once finished, the page should be easy to update, not only by me, but also by my co-workers. I think I understood that that's what a CMS is for. I'm thinking about an easy editor that you can access from your browser to change e.g text, links and photos. Also, the website should be multilingual. How would you do that? Thanks a lot for your help

I wouldn't use BSS to make your website if you're looking to incorporate a CMS. Try Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress if you need to have multiple people logging in and doing online editing. You "Can" do a CMS using the pages that BSS creates for you, but you'll need to find one on your own if you want to incorporate one into HTML pages. That's not something that has anything to do with BSS as most of that isn't within the scope of what the Software will or can do since you can't work with PHP within it.

There are some CMS plugins that you could use (not plugins that connect to BSS at all, just script plugins for the pages), but I don't know if they would be compatible with use in BSS or not. I would look for "adding a CMS to HTML pages" or something similar in Google to see what's out there. It's not something provided in BSS at all so you'll need to work with that on your own. Might be some other CMS suggestions from others though that will help.

Same question....

Just new to BSS in general.


There is no help here for adding CMS's for a website. They don't come with BSS, you would need to add it on your own from external code that is available all over the web. Since I already said most of what you need to do above, please read my previous response.

Also, check some of the more recent posts in this forum, others have been talking about them and what they use so you may find information there as well as doing a search in these forums for CMS. These forums search hard, but searching here for CMS info should be pretty easy and would be the thing too do before posting on a topic (especially if the answer was already there for months :P

No offense meant, just letting you know that the forums here are for help with the BSS app itself, not for implementing outside scripts and components. Most of us here are web designers as a trade. I'm sure any of the programmers here would be happy to help you if hired, but since this is our livelihood I'm sure you can understand that we don't do this work for free.


you bought the wrong tool for the job. And without a serious knowledge, you can't easily hack a solution. Pay a pro or use a different tool


Thank you for your prompt reply. I wanted to see if there was anyone doing this, the tool already had a template with the hooks present etc. Always good to spend a few minutes and see if anyone has done some thing before recreating the wheel... usually poorly. Nice to see professionals looking to help, educate or share. That is what forums are all about. I'm a senior Solutions/Data Architect/Modeler, Fortune 10, International experience. I've designed EDW's for multi-national corporations that include features to ease the effort for creating information in multiple languages (including region/dialect) and currency for BI/OLAP, MetaData and of course rendering Web-Pages. Liking what I see with BSS already. I can modify the code to expose/hide a grid element or probably just manage with sub-dirs per language (better for SEI etc. and other that will come after me to maintain..). A few smaller clients are after me to take on Web/marketing work. Always great to learn new skills.

Thanks again.


Sorry to to trigger you, snowflake... You need to get your mommy or court appointed supervisor to watch and review Bambi with you. You had no idea what I do for a living or how much experience I have. I'm sure the creators of BSS really enjoy seeing how you respond to and treat their customers and that your attitude leads to all the success to deserve.

Have a nice day or as they say in dixie.. "Well, bless your heart..."

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I agree with @marcco.

Bootstrap Studio is definitely not the right tool for building websites that need to be updated by non-web people, or people who don't have familiarity with this program, with using FTP, or web doing development in general. It has virtually no built-in tools to make it compatible with the back-end type of integration that would be necessary to allow secure logins for those authorized to do edits. There are flat-file CMS systems out there (Grav, October, Kirby) that claim to be easy to add to existing HTML/CSS static sites, but it would mean that they they'd have to be "re-added" any time you made changes to the basic site in BSS. I remember an article back in 2015 proclaiming flat-file CMS's were the "future." Doesn't seem like it actually happened.

Multi-lingual is also a challenge with a "static builder" like BSS because the only simple path to such a thing is to build duplicate pages/sites in each language, which would necessitate editing each respective site anytime an update was done. A dynamic builder would be able to populate multilingual pages from a single edit.

I think your project is really a job for a dynamic builder (ex Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) that is fundamentally based on a CMS with a database. marcco may have been abrupt in his response, but I can assure you he's no "snowflake." He's one of the more experienced BSS users and posters in this forum. He's correct that BSS is not the tool you need.

IDK if he's seen Bambi. ?