Using BSS for HTML frontend and Reactjs for Backend

So I am still a new user and I have a large scale project to do. Without front-end experience, I want to use BSS to help in building a nice looking front end. I read in similar forums that some users used BSS to build the frontend and then they added the backend, but they never mentioned what was used for the backend in their projects and what was the negatives of doing so. In my case, I plan to do all the front end using BSS and then export the HTML and add the reactjs to the backend. Take in mind, this project includes connecting to a cloud database service at one point in the future.

My question is, will this work ? Is there big down effect of using BSS for the frontend rather than writing the front end in something like JSX ? If anyone used BSS for a similar project, please tell me of your experience.


Backend usually refers to languages that run on the server, like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C# etc. There are a lot of available backend frameworks written in these languages and integrating with them is relatively easy - you just use the Bootstrap Studio generated pages as templates in the backend framework.

React is a JavaScript frontend library/framework, that’s typically frontend only. In order to use it, you will need to take the HTML that Bootstrap Studio generates, and turn it into React components. This is an entirely manual process. There are some React toolkits for Bootstrap, but it will still take a while to do the conversion.

My suggestion would be to watch some video tutorials or courses that explain backend/frontend in depth and then proceed to learning a framework. After this you will be able to integrate Bootstrap Studio’s HTML easily.

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