Using BSS to build themes for CMS

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I am a designer and since some years, in the agency where I work, I take care of UI UX and I turn my design in small working Websites using Bootstrap Studio. And I love it!

Now, a developer (back-end developer) is gonna join the agency and we are gonna work in team. I will take care of front end (so HTML CSS and JS) and he will then use the templates I create integrating Drupal or WordPress, Craft CMS or any other PHP CMS’s.

I was thinking to contine using Bootstrap Studio to create them and then he can overtake it, convert them to PHP and create custom themes for our clients.

Is a solution a Back-end developer “likes”. Is it gonna work?

It’s a popular question here in the forums. Many people have asked whether BSS will be getting any sort of back-end features, even just the ability to rename exported files as .PHP

As far as I am aware, the developers are solely focused on Bootstrap Studio as a tool for building front-end websites. Anything involving back end has to be figured out by the users. I believe there is an export script that will rename the .html files .php, but other than that, I do not believe there has been any significant efforts by the BSS community (at least here in the forum) to find ways to integrate the files generated on export with any sort of CMS or back-end database features. I may be wrong, and some others may chime in on this post, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. This is pretty much exclusively a front-end website builder, and that seems to be how the devs and (most) users want it to stay.

So if you plan to do what you described in your post, you will most likely have to create your own solution.

The only other advice to offer would be to get the tool from Pinegrow app that allows you to create a Wordpress theme from an HTML site. I believe they sell it as a stand alone now (I could be wrong here, it’s been a while since I’ve looked at that info) so you could utilize BSS to create your sites and Pinegrow’s Wordpress theme creator to transpose it to Wordpress. That’s the only thing it will do though, only Wordpress so anything else you’d have to figure out on your own or Google it to see if there are tools for other formats out there. Hope that helps a little bit.

But usually shouldn’t a WordPress programmer take care of converting the HTML to PHP?

Yep they should, but just letting them know there is a tool for it available out there :slight_smile:

Sounds great! But I think that’s not possible.
People are using different frameworks for their backend functionallity implementation.
And you know, every framework has its own view template engine.
Fathers of bootstrap studio can’t handle all of them properly.

Ok so I went and got the link to show you that yes, it is possible, just not with this app alone. This app will help you make great HTML websites and then you take those pages and files and use Pinegrow Theme Converter to convert it to Wordpress. Mind you it will only do Wordpress, not sure if they have it in plans to do anything else since they didn’t call it a Wordpress converter, but either way it works well as you can tell if you browse their forums.

Hi Antis,
BSS makes and always will make nice looking static webpages. If you want to be a designer you will have to learn how to code. There are many developing tools like Pinegrow, Mobirise and Website x5 as well as lots of others. but you will find that most WYSIWYG tools will not run PHP.

I sometimes use BSS to make the foundation of a site then I load it into a real tool to make it work as I want. Webuilder 2020 is a great tool. It is not WYSIWYG but you can run your php code from within the application’s preview. As for WordPress. well that’s another story.


First off let me say that Pinegrow does not in any way belong in any category even closely related to crap builders like Mobirise etc. Those are for amateurs that don’t want to have to code and don’t care if their sites have distinction to them at all. They are happy with the basic look that is default with changing just a handful of basic elements. Pinegrow is a full fledged editor, both visual and code, and can handle as much if not more than most text editors. I have used it only a handful of times since I do most of my work in BSS, but I have a few sites that I have not converted to BSS as of yet (too much hassle in the design of it for now) so I use Pinegrow when I need to edit those sites. I very seldom use anything to do with drag and drop in Pinegrow or any other editor other than BSS, so wrapping it with those other drag and drop editors is just well… incorrect.

Having said that, I’m not trying to advertise for it, I only want the OP to know that it’s possible to do what they are asking. Posts really need to stop being a layout for arguments and such. It’s just not necessary unless the information posted is incorrect. My information is not so please have the courtesy to not negate what I posted and lose it in a thread of useless discussion.

OK, you have your opinion and I have mine. You may not have noticed that my reply was addressed to Antis.

There are some flat-file CMS tools out there which (depending on how complex your back-end needs are) your new back-end team member may be able to utilize. They basically describe them as being able to be added to ANY front-end website. I have never used one myself as of yet, though I think think before I’d go with WordPress, I might be more inclined to give one of these tools a try. Just Google “flat file CMS.” Here’s just one hit…

WordPress is free, it’s a known quantity, has tons of support, plug-ins, themes, builders, and a lot more, but it’s also old, bloated, SLOW, and it’s out-of-the-box SEO is terrible. It’s also got a lot of security issues, it’s constantly being updated, and the truth is, even the original developers who created WordPress don’t believe it’s a good platform for building websites. They designed primarily to create blogs. But because it was free, open-source, and easy for non-coders to use, it got a lot of love from the third-party community, freelancers, etc… who shoehorned it into everything from e-commerce to running websites like the N.Y. Post. The Pinegrow devs seem enamoured with it. But you have to do a LOT of work to make a complex WordPress site perform well. Like most things today, it has its benefits and detriments.

thanks all of you for the replies and suggestions @jo-r @printninja @baudwalker

My question was actually not only related to WordPress.

In short: can a Backend developer work with templates created using pure BSS (HTML CSS and Javascript) or di I have to prepare my HTML templates in a specific way? The CMS itself I think does not matter … right?

There’s no way to know for certain without knowing the CMS you intent to use, but most of the major, popular CMSs are compatible with Bootstrap. Some CMSs (like Joomla and B2evolution) already have Bootstrap included as part of their CMS. Others, like Drupal and Wordpress may need to have some Bootstrap components added manually, but they will definitely work with Bootstrap.

Almost all content management systems I’m aware of use traditional HTML, CSS and Javascript/JQuery for the actual pages rendered within the browser. Integrating backend elements like a database like MySQL to a front-end based on a framework is, presumably, just the sort of thing a back-end developer would specialize in. I do not do back-end work, but it’s my understanding that when a front-end developer builds a website and gives it to a back-end developer to add whatever CMS features are required, the back-end developer is the one who has the skills to do the integration.

Yes, if they are a knowledgeable and proven developer. Once you export your designs from BSS they should be able to easy take it from there.

BSS is purely for the frontend. I can help to convert a template to WordPress and Drupal :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, you certainly may. But for this you must have some experience in linking scripts and layout.
You can see my work in a bundle of Bootstrap Studio and WebAsist online store engine here and here.

Ok this is turning into an advertisement campaign for who can do the work for the OP and they clearly stated they already have people that are going to do the work so the questions of how to do it are irrelevant at this point. All they wanted to know is if there is a way to have them do the front end and pass it to the others for the back end.

It’s been answered now many times, the answer is yes, there have been a handful of useful ways to do this and I think that this thread needs to stop there.

This thread is not a place for people to try to get work. Please have some common sense and read the thread before posting things like that.