Using Cmd-Backspace to delete components?


Is there any chance of being able to use Cmd-Backspace for deleting elements on MacOS, instead of Forward Delete?

Cmd-Backspace is the standard “delete” shortcut in Finder and many other MacOS apps, and the key combo I instinctively reach for. Incidentally, what happens now is that if the selected element contains text, Cmd-Backspace removes that text, and that removal is not undoable.

Thank you for the suggestion! The Cmd-Backspace combo for clearing text isn’t really a combo - Backspace alone does the action, so we can repurpose Cmd-Backspace to delete components. We will add this in our next update in addition to forward delete.

Just a question on this delete function. Will this be for all components or just the default ones. I guess what I’m really wondering is will it delete extra files that are added when we add some of the components such as CSS/SASS, JS, images, etc. ?

I typically use UNDO to remove components if I just added them, specifically because it removes all the associated files that go with it. Of course you can’t do that if you added something in a while back and now don’t need it or want it etc.

Just curious how this will work as I just use DELETE to remove a component, why would we need an extra key combo for that? I’m assuming I’m missing the point of the suggestion lol. :slight_smile: