various gradient CSS functions of CSS property "background" not supported?


I am trying to create a div with a gradient. To do so, I am trying to use several CSS functions: -moz-linear-gradient -webkit-linear-gradient -o-linear-gradient -ms-linear-gradient -linear-gradient

It seems like the -moz-linear-gradient, -o-linear-gradient and -ms-linear-gradient are not accepted by Bootstrap Studio. Is that expected?

If you're talking about the fact that most of the CSS attributes are crossed off, you can ignore that when it comes to things like Gradients because the reason that BSS is doing that is due to the new standards where those settings for the other browsers are "supposed" to no longer be needed. Unfortunately, that's not always the case so it's still a good idea to add the, but BSS just thinks they aren't necessary and crosses them off. They will still show up in the code when exported as long as they are checked in the CSS.

for modern browsers is enough. Additionally see here: