Verification Email Smart Forms Not Sending

BSS won’t send the verification code to my business email address. I just updated my business website please don’t judge me haha, but just trying to finish up getting the form sent to my business email. I tested my business email address and its working fine sending an email from my other gmail account. Also I know your system is working because it sends the smart form data to my other gmail email address. I also looked through some of the other posts and didn’t find much in terms of help. Something to do with Bluehost so ill look into that while I await some help from the forums. Any tips as to what to do at bluehost to get things to send to my business email. Thanks.

I’m going to guess here that your business email isn’t a gmail address? If not then:

  1. Check your spam folder
  2. Add the address the form is coming from to your contacts/whitelist
  3. If you’re using an email software client:
  • Check the server to see if the email is getting to the server at all
  • Check the server’s spam/junk folder

It’s hard to know much more than this without knowing if you’re using webmail or a software email client, and also if the email is being returned or just never gets to your business address.

Thanks @jo-r Yea you were right. It was in the spam folder.

Awesome, love those easy fixes lol. Enjoy!