Verify Recipient Constantly sending new codes

Hey all,

So a pretty standard flow here. I create a website for a client. I set their email on the smart form and it sends them a code. Most likely they are not checking their email at that point so when they finally get around to sending me the code, I open up bootstrap studio, select validate but it sends a new validation email before I can enter the original code.

This leaves me in a perpetual state of not having the right code unless the client is online with me at the exact same time.

Has anyone else had this problem or am i doing it wrong?


I don’t use Bootstrap Studio’s forms, so I can’t advise you on form functions, but I have never heard anyone discuss anything about a “code” or “validation” via form emails.

Does anyone else get what’s this person is describing?

There is a 15 minute validity window for these codes, so it’s likely that by the time you try to fill it in, it has already expired and a new one is generated.

This is a standard security feature and we would prefer not to change it. Maybe you can do this validation during a phone call with your client so no delays are introduced.

Does the form have a BCC or CC in it? I don’t use BSS’s system, but what I do on my forms is set up my business email address as the BCC and I let the client know I am testing and they can ignore all emails including verification ones until I am finished. Then I get the emails as well and I don’t have to wait on the client. Not sure if these have that ability or not, but it’s worth a shot to check. :slight_smile: